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E.g. Name: John, Age: 30, Occupation: Detective, Personality: Outgoing, Traits: Sharp-witted, fearless. Add any additional details you want included in the story.

E.g. Location: Paris, Date: 1787, French Revolution.

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How to use the Generator

Step 1: Enter Your Prompt or Story Idea
Start by thinking of a concept, theme, or scenario you’d like your story to explore.
Type your idea into the “Prompt, Topic or Story Idea” text box.

Step 2: Choose the Length of Your Story
Decide how long you want your story to be. Options shown are “Short,” but there may be other length options available in the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Select a Genre
If you have a specific genre in mind for your story, select it from the “Genre” dropdown menu.
If you’re feeling adventurous or undecided, you can opt for “Random Genre” to let the tool surprise you.

Step 4: Set the Creativity Level
Choose the level of creativity you’d like from the AI with options such as “Normal.” There might be other levels to choose from, like “Low” or “High,” depending on how conventional or avant-garde you want your story to be.

Step 5: Add Character Details (Optional)
If you have specific characters in mind, provide details about them in the “Character Details” text box.
Include names, ages, occupations, personality traits, and any other information you’d like the AI to consider.

Step 6: Describe the Setting, Time, and Atmosphere (Optional)
For a more tailored story, include details about the world or setting in which your story takes place in the “Settings, Times and Atmosphere” text box.
Mention locations, historical periods, and the overall mood of the environment.

Step 7: Generate Your Story
Once you’ve filled in all the desired fields, click the “Generate Story” button (star icon).
The AI will process your inputs and create a story based on the information you provided.

Step 8: Review and Edit
After your story is generated, read through it to see if it meets your expectations.
If the story requires adjustments, you can modify your inputs and generate a new version.

Remember that this is an AI tool, so while it can produce creative and interesting stories, it might not always align perfectly with your vision. Feel free to experiment with different prompts and settings to get the best results. Enjoy the process of co-creating with AI, and have fun seeing where your ideas lead!